Picnic and Jazz Trio!

Some 40 member families socialized around the Clubhouse grounds on 7 August, enjoying food and drink brought from home, and the delightful music of Jammin’ Jerry’s Jazz Trio.

Multi-Use Court is in Play!

White lines for Basketball, yellow lines for Pickleball — We now have a Multi-Use court! Read More for details on Schedules for dedicated play and for open play….

Two-by-Two Zoo

Two by Two at the Zoo was a Petting Zoo on the Clubhouse Lawn on Saturday, 17 July, from 11 AM to 1 PM. All ages were encouraged to participate. Admission was free!

Fish Stocking Spring 2021

Our thanks to Fred Harding for handling Fish Stocking for the YLPA! Here is a run-down of what Yankee Lake has received so far for 2021.

Bass Master Tournament

The 2021 Bass Master’s Tournament will be 26 June from 6 AM to 12 noon. In case of thunderstorms, the contest will be moved to July 3rd.

Annual Meeting Via Zoom

Due to COVID-19, the YLPA 2021 Annual Meeting was held as a videoconference. To download the slides from the Annual Meeting, click this link.

Exit 112 Overpass Closed

Route 17 Exit 112 overpass will be closed from early April at least through mid July. The entire bridge deck will be replaced during this time.

Dam Maintenance Project

The YLPA executed a project to increase our ability to quickly lower the lake level between summer and winter levels, or in case of hurricanes or emergencies declared by the State.

Concerts at the Dam

YLPA Board member Jerry Squillante’s band, Jam Straight, performs from the Yankee Lake Dam. Residents packed a meal or snacks and boated over to enjoy the music.

Comet Neowise

Comet Neowise graced the skies over Yankee Lake in July 2020. This photo was taken by YLPA Board Member, George Venizelos.

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