The Yankee Lake Preservation Association

Yankee Lake is a Private Lake. Access is limited to those with deeded Lake rights who are dues-paying members of the YLPA. Lake use is patrolled by the community.

About Yankee Lake

Quiet, pristine Yankee Lake is a 410-acre man-made body of water located in New York State’s Sullivan County (41°35'0"N and 74°32'41"W), four miles west of Wurtsboro, on the top of the West Shawangunk Ridge in the scenic Catskill Mountains.

The original natural pond having been enlarged as a feeder reservoir for the Delaware and Hudson (D & H) Canal, Yankee Lake is 1437 feet above sea level, is bounded by almost nine miles of shoreline, stretches two-and-a-half miles long, and varies from one to two miles wide. The lake is fed by small streams from the north and west, and by springs under the lake. Although generally shallow (average of about eight feet), in the areas of the original pond and springs, the water is thirty to forty feet deep.

But facts and figures do not tell the whole story. Yankee Lake is so much more than a location. Yes, it is a place, but a place that calls to our hearts. It lives within us. Yankee Lake is a community of neighbors, friends, and relatives, some bound together in shared history, but all joined by their love of this shared space. Yankee Lake is unique. Although not even ninety miles from one of the largest cities on earth, Yankee Lake and its environs have been preserved, cared for, loved, and held dear through many generations. It is with future generations in mind that we continue this tradition today.

YLPA’s Mission

  • To preserve the water quality of Yankee Lake, including the Pine Kill stream
  • To maintain the stability of the dam
  • To protect the indigenous flora and fauna
  • To advocate policies and regulations which protect Yankee Lake resources
  • To encourage membership to use the natural resources in a responsible manner
  • To provide activities through which members interact and build community spirit
  • To educate the membership about the history and stewardship of Yankee Lake

© 2021 Yankee Lake Preservation Association, Inc.
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Call: (845) 888-0474 or Email: ObscureMyEmail

© 2021 Yankee Lake
Preservation Association, Inc.
Post Office Box 558
Wurtsboro, NY 12790
Call: (845) 888-0474
Email: ObscureMyEmail

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